The application has been tested in this hardware:


This discovery kit by ST includes a 800×480 touch screen, Ethernet, wireless LAN and an audio codec (and more…). It is interesting because it has a 3.5mm audio jack connector that includes microphone input and it can be used with your favourite mobile phone earphones. Other than that is similar to a Raspberry Pi 3.

This discovery kit has been the main testing hardware. You can find more about it here.

Raspberry Pi 3B

DMR Station has also been tested in a Raspberry Pi 3B using a 480×320 3.5 inches touch screen from Kuman. The problem with the RasPi is that it does not have microphone input. RX works as expected, but for TX we only have been able to test a bluetooth headset, with very poor results during TX due to the bluetooth stack itself. USB headsets or a USB sound card should work.